Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  I shampoo and style my own hair at home. My hair is very dry, what can I do? 

      A.  Dry hair can have many causes. It could be the quality of your water. Some areas have high concentrations of copper and calcium in the water, the water is hard, which could lead to minerals coating your hair every time you shampoo, making it feel brittle like straw. No matter how much conditioner you use, it will not make a difference. If a water filter is installed in your shower or sink it will help. Other causes are harsh shampoos and  none professional relaxers.

Q.  What is a texturizer? 

      A.  A texturizer is a mild chemical relaxer.

Q. Can spit ends be repaired?

       A.  No.  Split ends cannot be repaired, split ends must be trimmed or cut off, and if not the more it will break off. 

Q.  Why do I have to trim my split ends? 

      A.  The more you comb or brush your hair the split ends will travel up the hair shaft, causing the hair to become very thin and break.

Q.  What causes split ends?

       A.  Blow drying the hair, the sun, the wind, brushing and combing the hair, and very hot tools.

Q.  I burned my hair using a curling iron, what can I do?  

     A.  It depends on how badly your hair is damaged. If the curling iron wasn’t too hot, your hair may not be permanently burned. Sometime a few shampoos will somewhat bring it back to life, along with a good conditioner treatment. If it’s permanently burned, you would need to trim it off or get a haircut

Q.  My hair breaks off in the same spot every year at the same time why?      

 A.  You could be experiencing seasonal shedding. During the time of your breakage, make sure you use a protein treatment. It will help your hair from becoming too brittle or limp.    A.  Other reasons for hair to break in certain spots of the head(nape, crown, edges).         1. Heredity-nape, crown, edges 

        2. Placing relaxer around the edges first when applying the relaxer, the edges are the weakest spot of the head.

          3. Stress spot – edges, crown, nape

         4. Pulling the hair back to tight – edges, nape  

        5. Wearing collared shirts – nape 

        6. Wearing too many high tight ponytails – nape, crown

Q. My hair is dry should I use a hooded dryer for a deep conditioning treatment? 

      A. No. If you have dry hair, sitting under a hooded dryer with conditioner will make the hair even drier. Sit with conditioner and a plastic cap without heat for 10 to 20 minutes to help with dry hair

Q. Is it good to use grease on my hair and scalp? 

      A. No Grease is a petroleum based product, it creates the illusion of shiny and healthy hair, but all its doing is clogging the pores, preventing the skin from breathing, and keeping moisture out. Grease can sometimes cause dandruff/flakes, instead of grease use moisturizing products.